Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Half-Marathon 2009

Yes, we survived! Even though our training was a little lacking this year we actually did pretty well (for us). Erin came in second with a time of  2:14:01 and I came in third with a time of 2:14:14. Thanks to Erin who pushed me that last mile and a half I wasn't too far behind! It was a lot of fun :) Here are our finisher photos we took at the end.

Our traditional half-marathon photo, seriously.

The highlight of the whole race, was not the fact that we finished and beat our times from last year, but the fact that we met Dane and Blaine from the Biggest Loser!!! We were so excited. They are from this current season, but were sadly voted off and we loved them. So we are rooting for them at the finale, they are amazing! 

The picture that made our suffering well worth it :)


Chris said...

Seriously... not even gonna mention that I kicked your butts and took first! Losers! And that I had to be the photographer for you starstruck little girls! I see how it is.

Stacey said...

Whatever, i mentioned we had second and third, so i think that implies that you got first. My bad :)

Bree said...

That is so awesome that you guys met Dane and Blaine, I liked them also. You Leavitt's are amazing when it comes to running! You guys even beat Greg's time for his 1/2 marathon by about 2 minutes.

Erin and Stacey said...

I know. We were super excited about them. And I won't lie we are amazed we beat him, but im sure he could beat us usually, did he actually train or just kind of go for it?