Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Half-Marathon 2009

Yes, we survived! Even though our training was a little lacking this year we actually did pretty well (for us). Erin came in second with a time of  2:14:01 and I came in third with a time of 2:14:14. Thanks to Erin who pushed me that last mile and a half I wasn't too far behind! It was a lot of fun :) Here are our finisher photos we took at the end.

Our traditional half-marathon photo, seriously.

The highlight of the whole race, was not the fact that we finished and beat our times from last year, but the fact that we met Dane and Blaine from the Biggest Loser!!! We were so excited. They are from this current season, but were sadly voted off and we loved them. So we are rooting for them at the finale, they are amazing! 

The picture that made our suffering well worth it :)


So about a month ago when my friends Carly and Jaclyn came to visit, the four of us all went bowling. Let's just say we had a little too much fun and I think we made the people around us a little nervous. haha

Erin's action shot of the night

Because we had so much fun we have been going quite often. We went with our cousin Jeff and his fiance Karen. And just the two of us the next week. Then when Kevin and Coley came to visit the whole family went and had a blast...

My action shot of the night

We have decided since we have so much fun and want to get better that we are going to set aside one night a week for bowling this summer. Might as well :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Infamous Car Pictures

So pretty much we have a new addiction...car pictures. Every time we get in the car for a long drive, okay and sometimes short drive we snap a picture or two, or three...We can't help ourselves. Expect to see a new car picture every month because let's face it, it's reality!
On our way home from Sweet Tomatoes

On our way to see our mommy and daddy

After the BYU vs. Utah volleyball game

On our way to the movies (we get in free now!)

On our way to the family Christmas Eve party

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Our wonderful Halloween started out with a yummy dinner at Village Inn, in our costumes of course! I dressed up as Miss White Trash 2008, Stacey went as a 50's girl, her hair was awesome if i do say so myself :) and Alysia went as a cute cat. After dinner we drove around for a while looking for a fun dance or party to go to. We ended up going to a party that our friend Jared told us about. We hung out and danced for a little while. After the party we just came home and ate a little bit of junk food and then crashed for the night. It was a good night.

us girls all ready to go out...


...Stacey striking a pose...

...straight from the trailer park...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Football and Fur Coats

So on Saturday we went up to Weber State to watch our cousin Cody's mini-bowl game. No worries they kicked butt and took the title. So like usual we got a little bored and decided to keep ourselves entertained. Therefore we "hooded up" like Eskimos and took a few snapshots.

yes, on occasion we make a normal face...

... but usually not.

After the football game we ate some yummy pizza, much to grumpy bear's (erin) dislike. It was yet another good time with our family.

Nicole's Baptism

dad and Nicole looking good in their jumpsuits..

Nicole finally turned 8 on September 26th. On October 11th we went to Clearfield for Nicole's baptism. I was lucky enough to give the talk on Baptism and Stacey had the privilege of speaking about the Holy Ghost. Let's just say it was your typical Leavitt gathering, tears were falling everywhere, if only we could control those tear ducts of ours. After her baptism we went back to our Aunt Lisa's house and had a delicious lunch.

Stacey and Nicole looking good...

Yes, I was exhausted...

Cake Decorating...

So in September Erin took a cake decorating class and learned a lot of fun things. The only problem is that we were left with a cake to scarf down every week. They aren't perfect but she hopes one day to become a cake master!

Pitt's very feminine cake...

Nicole and Mason had a combined birthday party in September so Erin made the cake... it wasn't too bad for her first experience with fondant.