Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Infamous Car Pictures

So pretty much we have a new pictures. Every time we get in the car for a long drive, okay and sometimes short drive we snap a picture or two, or three...We can't help ourselves. Expect to see a new car picture every month because let's face it, it's reality!
On our way home from Sweet Tomatoes

On our way to see our mommy and daddy

After the BYU vs. Utah volleyball game

On our way to the movies (we get in free now!)

On our way to the family Christmas Eve party


Prescott family said...

Where's the snow pictures??? I can see you in a car anytime... I want to see the snow! :o)

Hope you & your family had a wonderful Christmas & safe New Years.

Erin and Stacey said...

well we did go snowboarding, so we will try and get that post up sometime soon so you can see our snow pictures! but we arent huge fans of the snow because we live on a hill and driving in it is terrible! but otherwise the snow is fun :)

and we did have enjoyable holidays. we hope you guys did too.

we miss you all
<3 the leavitt girls

TheGefrom5 said...

MY GIRLS!!! Hello!! You make me laugh so much! Its so good to hear form you guys and see your awesome pics. You guys have way too much fun, thats awesome. Thanks for the shout out and I will be anxiously awaiting the next round of car charades... xoxox

sdheinens said...

I love the car pictures and I really don't care if you don't want me toooo but you are going on my 'people I love'

Stacey said...

we miss you guys too. and yes sometimes we have a little too much fun its scary haha. but we are definitely excited to join your 'people i love' list brook <333

angie and graham said...

I checked out your hot and cold video. Michelle and I were dying laughing. It was so funny. I miss you guys! Looks like you guys are having fun though.

Stacey said...

haha. thanks. im glad you two enjoyed it! it's definitely been a big change and a little tough at times, but im making it somehow haha. and yes, me and erin manage to still laugh and have some pretty fun times together :)

i miss you and your family and of course you too michelle!